PIC Programming for Fun

Where tomorrow's bits are being twiddled today.

Here are some projects I've built over the years:

  • VidiPIC
    An NTSC video frame generator based on PIC18F2xxx controllers.
  • VegiPIC
    A simple controller to switch valves in a VO converted vehicle.
  • VelociPIC
    An elementary direction and step pulse generator.
  • PICStep
    A stepper motor driver based on the linistepper open source driver.
  • LockPIC
    A simple PCB originally meant for a keypad controlled lock.
  • DimPIC
    My introduction to PICs to create a PWM light dimmer.
  • BootPIC
    A serial bootloader for PIC18 devices.
  • GPICode
    A G-Code interpreter running on a PIC18.
  • PICPlot
    A PIC24 interfaced to an old drum plotter.

Great projects by others:

  • MaxiMite
    A very impressive single chip BASIC computer by Geoff Graham based on a PIC32.
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